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Security Fog

One of the most effective advances in security systems of the past decade has been the widespread introduction of security fog systems.

These systems work by releasing thick fog in a confined space that protects property by confusing intruders and hiding the valuable items they are seeking.

Although security fog has many different applications, it is particularly effective when used in retail and leisure premises.

Zen Engineering Ltd is a specialist supplier of security fog systems and recommends market-leading Fog Bandit products.

Free demonstrations of the equipment can be arranged.

Fog Bandit is the fastest and highest density fogging system of its kind in the world, protecting an entire room by reducing visibility to less than 25cm almost instantly.

It does this by delivering 28 cubic metres of fog per second, projecting the fog six metres in the first two seconds alone. One unit can protect areas ranging from 50 to 500 cubic metres.

The result is that intruders are quickly stopped from entering a business and targeting assets, and because of this damage to the premises is minimised.

Our engineers recommend Fog Bandit because the system is robust and reliable, and maintenance and running costs are low. The fog is also harmless and safe to use in any environment, so it does not harm or damage staff, stock or equipment.

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