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Fire Alarms

For businesses of all sizes, fire poses one of the biggest threats to life, property and the company’s continued operation, which is why professional fire protection systems are an essential part of every business plan.

Zen Engineering Ltd are experts in designing, installing, commissioning, maintaining and servicing bespoke fire safety systems to meet the individual needs of each indiviual business customer.

Our expert engineers will carry out an initial site survey and risk assessment, before developing a suitable system in line with British Standard BS 5839, all current legislation and the requirements of a customer’s insurance policy.

In terms of the options available, conventional fire alarm systems are ideal for most small businesses such as shops, nurseries and modestly sized offices.

For larger premises such as hotels, factories or office blocks, analogue addressable systems are more suitable, as they transmit data via a detection circuit that provides customers with information pinpointing the exact location of a fire.

In some cases, wireless fire alarms may be the most suitable option as they operate via radio signals, avoiding the need for wires to link the various parts of a system.

This makes them ideal for use when a company has multiple buildings to protect, or in heritage locations when legislation prevent alterations or additions to the fabric of a premises, for example in listed buildings.

Our supplier partners for fire safety equipment include leading names like Apollo Fire Detectors, Hochiki Europe and Advanced Electronics.

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