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Access Control Systems

Effective access control systems are another important tool in the security armoury of a business.

By monitoring the access of staff and visitors to a building or department, they can significantly reduce any potential threat to personnel and the risk of theft of high value portable items.

As part of its portfolio of fire safety and security services, Zen Engineering designs, installs and maintains access control systems to meet the requirements of a wide range of commercial customers, from standalone single door systems to centralised multi-site operations.

These systems can harness the benefits of a variety of technologies, from more traditional products such as intercom systems, audio or video entry systems and keypads or codepads, to proximity or swipe card readers and biometric fingerprint or hand reading systems.

As well as simply controlling access, centralised systems can provide useful information for other uses including staff on site totals, fire alarm muster reports and building movement analysis.

They can also be integrated with other building systems to add value to them, forexample with CCTV to take snapshots of people making unauthorised access attempts, or with a company’s fire alarm system to automatically open all doors in the event of a fire alarm.

We can develop a system that best suits the needs of each individual business, and recommend the high quality and reliable access control products supplied by UK market leader Paxton Access.

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